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All types of Visas Through Real Estate Investment, Including 10-Year Golden Visa

Purchasing property in Dubai could be considered not just like a financial investment, but also as the way of getting the 10-year Golden Visa.

This visa grants extended residency to investors and their families, eliminating the hassle of regular renewals. Moreover, investors benefit from a tax-exempt income, access to top-tier facilities, and numerous business prospects.

These features make Dubai an appealing location for those seeking profitable ventures and a superior standard of living.

Assistance in obtaining Other Types of Visas: Investor visa, Work visa, Freelance Visa, Dependent Visa

There is a variety of visa options to get in Dubai, based on your needs:

  • Investor Visa for those who is setting up business with appealing tax incentives
  • Work Visa bridges professionals to multiple fields
  • Freelance Visa allows to get a self-employment flexibility
  • Dependent Visa facilitates family unification

These visa types reinforce Dubai's status as an energetic global hub, attracting talents and investments that encourage both career advancement and personal freedom.

Company Incorporation Services: Mainland, Free zone, Offshore

Dubai offers three primary business setup options: Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore.

  • Mainland companies benefit from the unrestricted UAE and global operations, perfect for engaging local markets.
  • Free Zones provide perks like 100% foreign ownership, profit repatriation, and tax exemptions, with lower initial costs.
  • Offshore entities focus on asset protection, privacy, and tax advantages, ideal for global operations without a physical presence.

These opportunities make Dubai a flexible strategic hub for business incorporation.

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Setting up a bank account in Dubai is a hassle-free process with the help of our experts. We are always on the cutting edge of any adjustments in the local laws. Banks in Dubai offer some vital services for operations in a modern world, such as:

  • Accounts in a multiple currencies
  • State-of-the-art online banking
  • Stable and safe banking system
  • No tax policy

All above mentioned advantages make Dubai an excellent spot for managing both personal and business finances.

Documents Attestation and Interaction with Government Agencies

Moreover, AX CORPORATE specializes in document attestation and government liaison services, which are critical for validating your documents for business, employment, and personal use.

We provide customized support, manage the entire attestation process, and ensure seamless interactions with government representatives.

Our service simplifies your legal dealings, saving your time and reducing stress. Select our trusted services to navigate Dubai's complex legal requirements efficiently, with the assurance of transparency and dedicated assistance at every step.

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Why Do Business in the UAE

Expatriates can own 100% of their business
Double Taxation Avoidance agreements with 100+ countries
40 free economic zones in the UAE, half of which are located in Dubai
No personal income taxes
Cryptocurrency is widely used in business and everyday operations
AED is a stable currency pegged to USD


Very professional team! I’ve registered my business in the free zone. I was quickly familiarized with the process, requested the necessary data, and afterward, my involvement was minimal. The documents were ready on time, and the experts were always in touch.

Anna Lipman

I was impressed by the service and expertise level. The specialists are well-versed in all the fine points of legalization in the Emirates. We were relocating several employees to Dubai, and AX CORPORATE took care of all the documentation issues.

Marko Narančić

I had an important business trip to Dubai, and there was hardly any time to prepare. The experts at AX CORPORATE helped me quickly arrange a suitable visa and provided advice on accommodation. I will definitely turn to your services again!

Ming Wai Wong
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